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Coming Soon… Atlanta SkeptiCamp 2016

Planning SkeptiCamp!

The next Atlanta SkeptiCamp is in the planning phase. Do you want to help us make it a reality?

Well, step on up and send us an e-mail and let us know that you want to help.

The big thing we need help with right now is a place to hold the event. If you know of a good location which meets the following criteria:

  • Free to use from a Friday evening through Sunday evening.
  • Is located somewhere in the Atlanta area and north of I-20.
  • Can comfortably seat around 60+ people and has chairs/seating.
  • Either has access to a full kitchen, or has nearby access to food.
  • Has plenty of parking.

If you know of a location that may work, please send us some e-mail.

Donate To Make SkeptiCamp Atlanta Happen!

SkeptiCamp is funded by donations from people just like you! Do your part in helping spread critical thinking and scientific understanding. Everyone who donates will receive a SkeptiCamp supporter prize!